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The Fascia Training Institute offers courses based on the premise that all systems of the body affect Structural Balance, and finding the root cause of any imbalance, restriction, and pain, is the key to obtaining optimal performance. Discover our training programs including fascia treatment for concussion and brain injuries.

Fascia Training Level 1 Calgary

October 3 and 4, 2020 – Lower Body Level I; Calgary, Alberta.

7 Step Concussion Protocol Ottawa

January 15 – 17, 2021 Level 1 Concussion Treatment Protocol

Fascia Training Level 1, Ottawa

January 19 – 20, 2021 – Upper Body Level I; Ottawa, Ontario.

Fascia Training Upper Body Chicago IL

January 23 and 24, 2021 – Upper Body Level 1 Workshop

7 Step Concussion Workshop Calgary, AB

June 11 – 13, 2021 Level 1  Concussion Treatment Protocol

7 Step Concussion Workshop Calgary, AB

June 25 – 26, 2021 Level 2  Concussion Treatment Protocol

SFT Performance Certification

The Performance Specialization Certification is ideal for students who want to become strength coaches or personal trainers, and healthcare professionals looking to take their knowledge to the next level. The courses are based on the concept of Structural Balance, an evaluation system that looks at strength ratios between muscle groups in relation to fascia and the nervous system to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention. With each level, you will gain more practical experience to understand and implement a whole body/brain-training program that will contribute to the continued success of your clients.

SFT is most recognized for facilitating healing in world-class athletes, developing elite athletes, and as a resource for manual therapists. The philosophies are also effective with general clients including head injuries and MVA.

SFT Evaluation Looks At….

• Gait
• Fascial Lines of Tension
• Congestion in the Lymphatic System
• Understanding what causes Nerve Pain and
Dysfunction and how to evaluate the Brain
• Muscle Groups
• The Fascia
• Lymph System
• Nervous System

Together, our approach ensures optimal performance and injury prevention. As a coach, manual therapist, or personal trainer, you will find that SFT Assessments enable you to use the information to individualize the training program or therapy session to achieve effective results. Each certification is tied to a specific set of SFT Assessments that each professional specialist will learn.

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SFT Health Education that Delivers Results

SFT Group’s emphasis is providing quality education and giving you the tools to begin helping your clients right away. SFT™ Education offers courses that will make you a better healthcare practitioner, trainer, and/or strength coach.

SFT Group™ is the exclusive provider of our certifications:  SFT® International Certification Program (our strength training/ treatment certification based on the concept of Structural Balance) and SFT® Brain and Fascia Modulation.

Alongside our certifications, we offer workshops in the following:

  • Fascia Gait Analysis
  • Fascia 1.0, Lymph 1.0,
  • Injury Prevention, and the practical application of Fascia, Injury Rehabilitation
  • Program Design in the SFT method.

SFT Group™ seminars expose students to methods and strategies that optimize client performance, allowing for interaction and brainstorming.

If you can’t join us for one of our live courses, we bring a variety of courses to you. The SFT Group™ Online Education platform gives you the freedom to take courses at your own convenience and around your schedule. We offer a variety of beginner courses, such as SFT® Introduction to Fascia; Fascia Gait Analysis; and SFT Certification and Program Design; or more advanced continuing education courses, such as Performance & Recovery; Brain; and Gut Health.

Athletes We've Worked With


Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Philippe Sparks and Combine Athletes in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals
Tommy Bennett, David Boston, Corey Chavous, Anthony Clement, Mac Cody, Mark Maddox, Corey Sears, Andre Wadsworth, Aeneas Williams, JJ McCleskey, Lester Holmes
Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Springs, Lamar King
Denver Broncos
Harald Hasselbach


Atlanta Braves
Andruw Jones, Javy Veras, Quilvio Veras, Dave Martinez, Brian Jordon, Chris Seelbach, Tom Glavine, Rafael Furcal

NHL – Claude Lemieux, Todd Simpson, Brad May

PGA – Billy Mayfair, Jack Nicklaus, Scott McCarron

Olympians – Kristen Bujnowski

Body Awareness

Body awareness is essential to eliminate overuse, underuse, and misuse of the fascial and muscular system. One of the most important parts of training is to know when to train and when to rest.

Did you know the body has a structure that helps you know where to move your arm, move your head and move your legs? This structure is called the Proprioceptors.

The brain relies on feedback from the sensory nerves to move your body through space and gives your brain a sense of where your body is in space. Walking into walls, falling or hitting someone with your arm when you are talking, could be because your proprioceptors are challenged.

What happens during concussion, information going into the brain is altered, causing compensations, which can lead to further injury. Statistics show that after a concussion a person or athlete is at greater risk of having a lower-body injury such as a sprained ankle, torn ACL or even at higher risk for falling. Balance in the brain is often compromised after a head injury. Treatment is essential to help the brain heal. Find out how to host the 5 Step Concussion Protocol in your area.

Achieve Optimal Performance

In order to achieve Optimal Performance, Recovery, and Rehabilitation, the Lymph, Nervous System, Muscular System, Fascial System, and Brain Function must be addressed; we cannot segment the body and train only one part.  As trainers and strength coaches, you understand that you cannot spot reduce, or train only one body part: the entire body has to be involved in building muscle and reducing body fat. As healthcare practitioners, you understand that the symptoms you are asked to treat often may actually mask an underlying cause: we are not merely an arm, a muscle, a vein, or just a heart. We treat the body as a unit, a closed system, with no beginning and no end. SFT training takes all of these systems into account and supports you as a trainer or healthcare professional as you work with all systems simultaneously.

CEU Certifications


As a Strength Coach for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand how Simone’s knowledge, expertise, and skills have directly improved my athletes’ performance. I am amazed at how well she can provide treatment to fascia, nerve, and lymphatic symptoms through new and integrative techniques. In addition to this, her concussion prevention and management techniques have directly impacted my players and helped with return to court time. If you wish to experience true healing and results I highly recommend visiting Simone and seeing first-hand what she can do for you
Preston Greene
Strength Coach – Florida Gators

Justin King

Justin King

Strength Coach and Body Builder


Life-changing is an absolute understatement. As a strength coach it’s very easy to get caught up in the superficial game and force things into working; work harder, apply the most aggressive methods, suffer to achieve greatness.

Simone Fortier not only showed us that it is wiser to use finesse as opposed to force, but she opened all three of our eyes to a world of possibilities. I attended Simone Fortier’s course and learned how to relieve pain, improve fascia health, create necessary space in the body, and change our client’s lives. I’m excited to help my athletes and for the future for all of us. Big things coming. Big thanks to Preston Greene for introducing us!!

The 4-day Fascia Training Course with Simone Fortier




I’ve studied the effects of nutrition and supplementation on brain function and believed that was one of the BEST ways to change the brain. I learned how to change the brain with my hands. Simone opened up my eyes to what happens when you change fascia. We experienced in it our bodies…better mobility, more vascularity (imagine seeing your muscles without actually working out), and less pain from previous injuries.

For the FIRST time in my life, I actually started to work with the muscles, fascia, and bones around the face and skull.
It may sound a bit weird (or obvious)…but the muscles and fascia and bones around the face can be manipulated just like the rest of the body.

I was amazed and I’m super excited to share this everyone. By the end of class, my thought was clearer…my brain was calmer…my vision was sharper…my breathing was easier…and I felt different.

Nick Kropp

Nick Kropp

Strength Coach


I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into this weekend. I was prepared to learn about fascia, something new and exciting for me. I couldn’t explain it to my clients and told them I had no idea what I would learn, maybe some stretching. Simone was HIGHLY recommended by Preston Greene for brain health and fascia so of course, we needed to go see her.

After this weekend I have both experienced and witnessed LIFE-CHANGING events. These 4 days will change the course of my career and my life. It’s hard to process and put into words so over the next few weeks and months I plan on showing you guys some amazing before and after pictures along with video testimonials. If I tried to explain how you’d call me crazy!

I believe that every moment of the last few years has to lead me to this weekend.

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