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Taking Health Care Professionals & Strength Coaches to the Next Level with Concussion and Fascia Therapy.

Techniques for improved concussion recovery.

Elevate your skills for instant results.

Tools to revolutionize your business.


1. Establish Your Credibility with Immediate Results and Charge Premium Pricing

2. Expand Your Client Base by Adding New Markets

3. Learn Simple Systems That You Can Immediately Implement

Learn procedures and protocols that are known to heal clients who have exhausted hope, finances, and the belief that they will get better.

FTI is most recognized for facilitating healing worldwide. Professional athletes, developing elite athletes, business professionals, seek out people trained in FTI protocols.

The information elevates and establishes you as an expert healthcare practitioner or strength coach.

With each level, you will gain more practical experience to understand and implement a whole body/brain-training program that will contribute to the continued success of your clients.


1. Get Your Brain Back

2.  Be At Your Peak Performance at Any Age

3. Slow Down the Aging Process

This quiz is literally saving people’s lives, restoring relationships, and improving communication.

Did you know your brain’s chemistry or deficiencies determine your personality? And neurotransmitters start depleting after age 21.

This test holds the key to preventing the aging of your brain and body. A priceless tool that is now incorporated into every program FTI offers.

The Brain Health Assessment, developed by medical professionals and explicitly adapted for concussion, helps people get their brains back at any age.

Be part of the movement, revitalize your brain, stay young at any age.

Our assessment takes only 15 minutes; you will receive a 9-page self-care report that will boost your neurotransmitter power with a list of brain foods, exercises, and secret tips.

Create lasting and life-changing programs.

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Looking for personal development? Simone has created introductory courses to help you understand and change your brain at any age.

Private Coaching


A compilation of best practices, business strategies, and personal development habits tailored to personal trainers, health practitioners, and strength coaches. This exclusive program will unpack systems and strategies over the year.

One on One with Simone


Simone Fortier is one of the world’s most powerful healers, mentors, and businesswomen.

Changing lives is her gift.

Creator of NeuroNation Mentorship Group, Breakthrough Retreats or work directly with Simone one on one.

Preston Greene

Strength Coach, University of Miami Hurricanes

As a Strength Coach for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand how Simone’s knowledge, expertise, and skills have directly improved my athletes’ performance. I am amazed at how well she can provide treatment to fascia, nerve, and lymphatic symptoms through new and integrative techniques. In addition to this, her concussion prevention and management techniques have directly impacted my players and helped with return to court time. If you wish to experience true healing and results I highly recommend visiting Simone and seeing first-hand what she can do for you.

Michelle Wilson MOT, RMT

The Fascia Training Institute, and mentoring by Simone in Neuro Nation, have changed my business and my brain, and changed my approach to treating injuries and concussions. As a manual osteopath I am highly trained in manual therapy techniques, but working with Simone was the missing link, it elevated my skills beyond what I thought was possible. If you are an expert in your field, these are the only courses that I would recommend taking for Fascia Treatment and Concussion or Dynamic Brain Healing. I value and respect how
Simone also offers continual support to all her students so we are the experts in what we do. 
If you are ready to learn more and expand your abilities. Don’t hesitate.

Justin King, Strength Coach

Life-changing is an absolute understatement. As a strength coach it’s very easy to get caught up in the superficial game and force things into working; work harder, apply the most aggressive methods, suffer to achieve greatness.

Simone Fortier not only showed us that it is wiser to use finesse as opposed to force, but she opened all three of our eyes to a world of possibilities. I learned how to relieve pain, improve fascia health, create necessary space in the body, and change our client’s lives. I’m excited to help my athletes and for the future for all of us. Big things coming.

Lanell Beckles, Coach

Simone opened up my eyes to what happens when you change fascia. We experienced it our bodies…better mobility, more vascularity (imagine seeing your muscles without actually working out), and less pain from previous injuries.

For the FIRST time in my life, I started to work with the muscles, fascia, and bones around the face and skull.
It may sound a bit weird (or obvious)…but the muscles and fascia and bones around the face can be manipulated just like the rest of the body.

I’m super excited to share this everyone. By the end of class, my thought was clearer…my brain was calmer…my vision was sharper…my breathing was easier…and I felt different.

Nick Kropp, Strength Coach

Coming into the in-person training, I was prepared to learn about fascia, something new and exciting for me. Simone was HIGHLY recommended by Preston Greene for brain health and fascia so of course, we needed to go see her.

I have both experienced and witnessed LIFE-CHANGING events. This training will change the course of my career and my life. I believe that every moment of the last few years has to lead me to this weekend.

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