FTI Brain Health Assessment

$27.00 + Applicable Tax

This quiz can answer why you are unable to remember details or recall information quickly.  Find out the reason why your quality of sleep is not optimal.  It can give you the answer to why you are feeling anxious or have an outburst of emotions. If you are ready to learn more about your brain and steps on how to take control and get your brain back. This is the one quiz you need to take. Upon completion, you will receive a 9-page to 14 self-care program and the opportunity to work with Simone.



This program is a life saver. At the very least it can explain why you have lost your mental edge, feel overwhelmed or cannot take action no matter how many motivational speakers you have seen or books you have read

This Quiz could hold the answers to why your sleep has changed!

Why you are experiencing brain fog and brain fatigue!

Why your skin and eyes look older!

Or why you overreact to all stressful events and even feel overwhelmed!

Complete our online FTI Brain Health Assessment. You will quickly receive your results, sharing the critical information that determines if your brain needs support.  This protocol is a game-changer for all that have taken the quiz and followed the protocols.

After completing this assessment, you will receive a 9-to-14-page pdf filled with secret tips for self-care.

If your numbers are over 10 your brain needs additional support, you can check out our self-care courses and book a private consultation with Simone, who will create a program specifically for your brain to prevent dementia, Parkinsons, resolve symptoms of concussion and balance an ADHD brain.

Upon purchase, you will receive a URL where you can access and begin your BHA assessment.

By clicking yes sign me up, you agree to have your results anonymously entered into a research study.

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