FTI Brain Health Assessment

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The Brain Health Assessment is not just another online quiz.

It’s an in-depth examination developed with the aid of neuroscience and psychological research to provide personalized insights about your brain and memory function, improve sleep and achieve emotional balance. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed, customized eBook developed from your results, serving as a roadmap to guide your journey to better brain health.

Key Features of the Brain Health Assessment:

  1. Personalized Results: Tailored insights based on your responses will help unravel the mysteries behind your specific cognitive and emotional concerns.
  2. Comprehensive eBook: This eBook, developed from your quiz results, outlines a self-care program spanning 9 to 14 pages, filled with scientifically-backed strategies to enhance your brain health.
  3. Expert Guidance: On completing the quiz, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Simone, an experienced professional in the field, to support you on your path to optimal brain health. Book your 15 min call to get your precise plan for your brain.

Stop struggling in silence and start taking control of your well-being.

The answers you’re searching for and the solutions you need are just one quiz away. This is your chance to understand your brain like never before and take actionable steps to restore its health and performance.

Are you ready to transform your life? Begin your journey towards better brain health by taking our Brain Health Assessment now!

More details found here: https://www.fasciatraininginstitute.com/brain-health-assessment/

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Unleash Your Brain’s Potential!

Imagine navigating your daily life with a crystal-clear memory, able to recall details at the drop of a hat. What if you could significantly improve mental clarity, boost cognitive performance, and foster a healthier mind? Improve your sleep and reduce anxiety to get things done. That’s the power this system has to offer.  5 years of clinical data and research prove that the program de-ages the brain, reduces anxiety, makes you feel like yourself again, and improves your recall and brain speed.


  1. Enhanced Memory Recall: This simple system stimulates cognitive function; The test determines precisely what your brain is lacking. Clinically proven to help you remember information swiftly and accurately. Forget about forgotten names or misplaced items – trust in your memory’s power.
  2. Increased Mental Clarity: Find yourself immersed in the world around you with unclouded, sharp thinking. Our product’s unique approach is to design a program based on your results.
  3. Boosted Cognitive Performance: Excel in all cognitive tasks with ease. Whether problem-solving, learning something new, or tapping into your creativity, our product supercharges your brain’s processing power.
  4. A Healthy Mind: Aging doesn’t mean losing your edge. This program supports ADHD brains, PTSD, Anxiety, and Overwhelm and keeps your brain young at any age with natural,

A strong memory is not merely about remembering—it’s about living a fulfilling, successful life. From forging deeper relationships to excelling in your career, an empowered memory can redefine your world.

Upgrade your life experience with our scientifically proven memory-enhancement formula. It’s more than just a product – it’s an investment in the limitless potential of your mind. This test is the first step, the baseline to optimal brain health.

Make your choice today and join the thousands who have already transformed their lives!

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1. Quiz Requirement for Certification: Completing the designated quiz is a mandatory requirement for the issuance of certification. By registering, you agree to complete this quiz to ensure the candidate is eligible for certification.

2. Case Study Requirement for Certification: Submission and successful evaluation of two (2) case studies are required for certification. These case studies must meet the specified criteria and standards set forth by the program.

3. Advanced Course Standard: This course is classified as an advanced-level training program. As such, participants are held to the highest performance, professionalism, and integrity standards throughout the course.