Revolutionary Healing with Exclusive Treatments for mTBI, Concussion Chronic Pain, and Fascia!

(Treatments are by appointment only.)

Embark on a transformative healing journey with Simone Fortier – the renowned “trainer of trainers” and dedicated mentor to physical therapists, athletic therapists, osteopaths, and massage therapists aspiring to elevate their expertise.

Simone’s treatments are result-driven care. She is highly sought out as a Fascia and Brain treatment expert.

Why Book Treatment or Training with Simone?

  • Exclusive Expertise: Simone brings an arsenal of skills honed over the years, offering exclusive treatments designed for effective pain relief and recovery from mTBI and Concussions.
  • Holistic Approach: The treatments provided are not just about alleviating pain; they’re about promoting overall wellness, creating lasting change, and providing the tools to navigate life with renewed vitality and energy.
  • Personalized Care: Every patient is unique, and so is their pain. Simone’s approach is deeply personal, considering your history, pain levels, and recovery goals to craft a treatment plan just for you.

Why Choose Simone?

Simone Fortier

Therapist, coach, teacher, trainer, and business expert.

Simone has over 30 years of experience creating results and treatments, intertwining profound knowledge, unparalleled experience, and a keen understanding of the human body. Specializing in addressing complex cases of chronic pain, mTBI, and fascia restrictions, Simone’s targeted approach alleviates pain and enhances overall bodily function and performance.

Embark on a Healing or Learning Journey

15-Minute Consultation: Book a free 15-minute consultation with Simone. This exploratory session discusses symptoms or plans in conjunction with Simone’s exclusive treatments that pave the way towards healing.

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