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Brain Health Assessment

For people who have suffered trauma, concussions, PTSD, or have ADHD.

Who Needs to Take the Test?

If you are unable to finish a project no matter how many courses or motivating seminars you take. If you have suffered trauma, concussion, or have PTSD. If you have ADHD like me, you have to work out 4 hours a day, clean your house, and take care of a million things before you can focus on your latest project, and then you run out of steam.

Has your family noticed you have changed? Or you don’t feel quite like yourself? Or you can’t achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

There always seems to be an obstacle in your way. Not enough time, money, or support.

It all comes from your brain.

You have to take this test.

Would you be interested in having more ease in your life, more free time, and more productivity? Designed for high-performance athletes, super moms, and overwhelmed business people—our programs have you in mind.

Let’s get results! If you want more ease, a sharp memory, and a good night’s sleep, it’s time to invest in your quality of life. Click on the link to take the test.

What You Will Get

  1. Your results – what part of your brain chemistry needs support?
  2. How you can change your brain yourself!
  3. Precise Life Changing – Brain Nutrition Program when you work with me. If you are like me, you want to change fast; you are tired of how things are going and your lack of results and frustration. This program is for the high performer who values results and wants it now. You only have one life, one brain, and you want more ease, better quality relationships, and happiness

Regardless of your chosen option,

Its time to take the test and see if you have any deficiencies. Don’t wait, the aging process never stops.

If you do, it’s time to invest in your brain and stop the aging process.

Build Your Brain Back

Client Review

I have been in the program for five years, which has changed my brain and ability to get things done and elevate my business and relationships. Most importantly, it helped me release the past.

I am sharing this with you as I don’t want you to take 30 years to figure it out as it did; I wish I had done this program when I was 10. My entire life would have been different. More ease, better choices, and less drama, to name a few.

Thanks to this program, my brain is better now than it was 20 years old, and I have hundreds of people sharing the same success story. I hope one of them is you.

Click the link today and start on your journey to the life you deserve.

How It Works

Developed by medical professionals, the FTI Brain Health Assessment is adapted to specialize in Concussion, ADHD, and Brain Trauma recovery. This assessment has determined with clinically proven accuracy the deficient neurotransmitters of the brain. The results from this assessment are the science behind the supplements you need that create change in your brain. Clients say they feel like themselves again, or a light switch went on in their heads.

“It saved my life,” shared Brenda.

Preet shares, “Prior to Simone, I had attended a chiro, massage, concussion specialist clinic, physicians, and even the Foothills emergency room. I had taken high dosages of melatonin to sleep for almost three months. It seemed that all relief was temporary and working would aggravate my symptoms nearly to the point where I considered taking time away from work. I improved 70 percent after the first appointment. I highly recommend this program.”

This program is literally saving lives.

Simone collaborates with the assessment creator, medical doctors, and performance experts to create the optimal program for each client. Understanding the complexity of the brain and how nutrition significantly changes how we view the world, how we sleep, and who we choose as a partner is imperative. It can even change our personalities.

What would your life be like if your brain was balanced?

What Are Others Saying?

Victoria Anthony

Olympic Wrestler (USA)

As a top-level competitive athlete, I am always trying to find my edge, my advantage. This program is a secret weapon to staying at the top of my game. 

I sometimes had trouble quieting my mind at night to allow for sleep. Simone recommended I take the FTI Brain Health Assessment. The analysis suggested I take this one brain nutrition supplement; it is also Approved by the Olympic Regulations.

I got immediate results on the program. I am grateful as sleep is essential to being the best athlete I can be and winning gold. I highly recommend it for athletes, children and anyone who wants to improve their performance. 

It works!

Malissa S

“When Simone suggested I take the FTI Brain Health Assessment to help my memory and anxiety, I didn’t see how a series of true/false questions about what appears to be random things could help.

I trusted Simone as she is the expert in her field, and I took the Assessment. Simone received my results and suggested my program.

My week since the treatment and supplement program has been very uplifting.

I am on the fifth day of supplements, and I have to say I’m starting to see a little break through the fogginess, and my anxiety has gone down drastically.

For so many reasons, you have been life-changing for me on a physical and emotional level.

Thank you.

It doesn’t quite express how thankful I am for you.”

Brenda T

How the Brain Health Assessment (BHA) saved my life.

39 months ago, I fell over 6 feet and hit the back of my head. I suffered a pretty serious concussion. Even though I was proactive with my treatment (I was still able to be an advocate for my health), chiropractor, natural path (vitamin and mineral IV’s, Prolo injections) and acupuncture, my recovery stalled after 4 months. Simone Fortier from the Fascia Training Institute was recommended to me and my first visit was an eye opener.

Simone understood I was drowning in the shallow end of the pool. I was depressed, anxious, frustrated, in pain and was becoming a recluse. I looked fine on the outside, but I felt so broken inside. Simone had me take the BHA test and scientifically and intuitively came up with a plan, supplements, exercise and nutrition.

I believe without the test – just throwing prescription drugs, supplements or treating me like this was “all in my head”, I would not be able to function and be productive at home and work. I took the test every 2 to 3 weeks at the beginning of my treatment, now I take it every 2 months. The supplements, exercises and nutrition are tweaked as my brain changes, becomes healthier and new neurotransmitters are created.

There are so many people who could benefit from taking the BHA test, a head injury is not the only reason.

For me, the head injury was the last straw. There were childhood injuries, traumatic events in my life. All of these “events” play a big part in how I dealt with life stressors. Especially today, with lockdowns, fear, constant media “bad” news, the BHA test would benefit everyone, children as well. I don’t want to run to the Doctor every time something happens, I want to be healthy and my brain healthy too, I have control back in my life. All because of a simple test.

My brain feels calm, I am able to deal with the stress of everyday life and roll with the punches so to speak.

Even if you think you feel perfect – take the test, you will be amazed.”


Simone was recommended to me by my legal assistant after she found Simone through a Google search. I am dealing with post-concussion syndrome from a slip and fall. Prior to Simone, I had attended a chiro, massage, concussion specialist clinic, physicians, and even the Foothills emergency room.

I had taken high doses of melatonin to sleep for almost three months. It seemed that all relief was temporary and working would aggravate my symptoms nearly to the point where I considered taking time away from work

I started working with Simone a month ago, and her brain nutrition treatment plan and physical manipulations she performed immediately benefitted me more than all of my other treatments combined.

I was skeptical at first because the treatment appeared unconventional to me, but after the first appointment with Simone, I knew that her treatment was unique and effective and that her other positive reviews are accurate.

I recommend Simone to any person who is dealing with Post Concussion Symptoms.

I’ve been able to continue working (in a demanding job) and I have every hope and belief that the Post Concussion Symptoms will resolve if I continue treatment with Simone and follow her recommendations.

Highly recommended!

Have you been told it’s all in your head? Well, the answer is yes, but not in the way you think.

Your brain chemistry dictates if you are happy, sad, lazy, angry, or motivated.

Available Brain Assessments


Neurotransmitters in your brain play a major role in how you experience and respond to stress, how motivated you are, your need for routine, your desire for travel, and even your craving for sex, play, or adventure. In other words, neurotransmitters play a critical role in your personality.

For those who have suffered a brain trauma, emotional trauma, concussion, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even Parkinson’s now experience altered personality behaviours. These changes in behaviours can be attributed to a change in the neurotransmitters of the brain. Neurotransmitters determine your personality.

We understand which personality traits are associated with each of the neurotransmitters. Knowing this allows us to create an accurate understanding of your brain chemistry by evaluating your personality traits. In doing so, we can then address the neurotransmitter deficiencies and return your brain to its best function.

The FTI Brain Health Assessment, combined with the expertise of Simone Fortier, remains one of the most accurate measures of neurotransmitter deficiencies in the brain and understanding your neurological profile.

How Nutrition Affects Your Brain

We are what we eat.

Even if we eat healthy today, minerals are lacking in the soil and processed foods further deplete the body of necessary nutrients, compounding our neurotransmitter deficiencies.

When we combine poor diet with brain injury or trauma, it is a recipe for failure in the recovery department. In order to heal your body and balance your brain, nutrition is a critical step. You may be eating the best quality food in the world but if your brain is not balanced, your gut will not process the food and nutrients.

The FTI Brain Health Assessment determines your neurotransmitter deficiencies so that we can begin supporting your brain with good nutrition and supplementation immediately. Small dietary changes combined with specialized supplements are your first steps in recovering from brain trauma.

Simone will share the most necessary supplements that you will need for optimal health along with specialized supplements for brain recovery, prevention, and performance.

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Need More Information?

Who is this assessment for?
The assessment is available to everyone, although it was created to help those with brain trauma, concussion, Parkinson’s, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
Is this test different from Dr. Amen's test?
Dr. Amen’s test is looking at your brain type, similar to the free FTI personality test. Your brain dominance never changes throughout your life.
I just had a blood test; why should I take the FTI Brain Health Assessment?
The blood test indicates the health of your blood at that moment in time. You are looking for things such as inflammation, electrolyte balance, protein markers, infection, and hormone levels. Blood work cannot determine what neurotransmitter your brain is deficient in.
Both tests are essential.
I already take supplement blends; how is your program different?
Supplement blends don’t work for the 20 percent that don’t recover from a concussion or who have ADHD, trauma, and concussion. The dosage is not precise enough to make a difference.
I had a SPECT scan. Can that tell me what I am deficient in?
The SPECT scan is an essential tool to view how the brain communicates or if there are any hot spots/ injuries in the brain. If you have one, bring it in with the report. It can predict symptoms. The FTI  Brain Health Assessment program presents solutions. Naturally.
Is this assessment really accurate?
Simone has used this assessment on hundreds of clients with 100% accuracy. Athletes and celebrities have all worked with Simone for not only concussion but performance perfection. Simone has worked with the most difficult cases, the ones that are dismissed by their families and medical practitioners. Simone works with those that don’t get better and turns their lives around.
How does it measure my neurotransmitter deficiencies?
We understand which personality traits are associated with each of the neurotransmitters. Knowing this allows us to create an accurate understanding of your brain chemistry by evaluating your personality traits.  In doing so, we can then address the neurotransmitter deficiencies and return your brain to its best function.
Does everyone have neurotransmitter deficiencies?
No. Most people’s brains recalibrate naturally. Only the compromised brain or trauma brain is deficient.
How often should I take the assessment?
It is recommended to take the assessment every four weeks.
How long until I notice results?
This depends on your brain as everyone is unique. A minimum of three months for the most severe cases.
Who is Simone Fortier and why does she use this assessment?
Simone has suffered from six concussions and she was one of the 20% of head trauma cases that don’t heal in four weeks. She kept searching for a solution to her own pain and brain challenges. When she discovered the Braverman Test through Preston Greene, Florida Gators Strength and Conditioning Coach, it changed her life. Her brain is better now than when she was 20 years old.  This inspired Simone to reach out to Dr. Braverman and learn from the source. Today, Simone offers this service on order to provide a lasting solution to those also suffering from brain trauma.
Our Disclaimer
This online assessment is inspired by the work of Dr. Braverman, MD and years of practice and clinical research by Simone Fortier, BSc. Without a complete and in-depth assessment and intake by a health care professional, the results of this online assessment are of a general nature and should not be taken as a substitute for a complete evaluation or treatment by medical and professional treatment specialists. This assessment is intended to be an informative and educational report, and is designed to enhance your treatment protocol, not replace it. Always discuss results and recommendations with your personal physician. This assessment is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Instead, work directly with your treatment team and health care providers for specific advice and recommendations for your individual condition and treatment.