SFT is the Training Certification that includes our exclusive,

  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Brain Balancing Program
  • Performance Specialization
  • Online SFT Personal Training Certification

Once you have completed your SFT Certification (a six-module online course with a three-day practical intensive), you can take advantage of our continuing online education courses and topic-specific seminars and webinars.

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Our Mission

The SFT® International Certification Program was first designed to internationally recognize strength coaches and healthcare practitioners who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to effectively train and treat athletes worldwide. I truly believe that no matter what level you have reached in your practice, training, or business, we all need “adult supervision to reach the next level. Sometimes we can’t see our own greatness, and we need to take advantage of all options that are out there to support our search for excellence.”

SFT is distinguished and created for giving strength coaches, healthcare practitioners, and personal trainers the highest quality of education. These programs provide our coaches, therapists, and trainers with unsurpassed skills in teaching methodology, client assessments, and program design to adapt to any injury or ailment.

We provide our students/partners with superior education, monthly support in Facebook private chat groups, and webinars that offer practical applications in your respective field. This education will, in turn, raise the level of sports performance and healthy lifestyle ideas that you will be able to offer to your clients/athletes.