Meet Simone

Founder of the Fascia Training Institute, internationally recognized pain management expert Simone Fortier is breaking barriers and soaring across boundaries in her multi-dimensional approach to healing pain.


With myriad professional athletes and even medical doctors of the highest calibers as her clients, Simone Fortier is known for her deep intuitive understanding of the root cause of pain coupled with her vast knowledge of human anatomy and the lymphatic, cranial, and trigger point systems.
A highly regarded lecturer, teacher, and innovative fascia therapist, Simone is also the author of two books: How to Beat Brain Burps (an exercise-based way for children to ignite all facets of their brain for streamlined learning) and Gaining Control Over Pain which contains eleven secret healing therapies that patients can practice in their own time.

Simone sees the bigger picture works backwards. Knowing that treating the symptom of a problem will lead to continuous treatments without resolution, she teaches to get to the root cause of the problem to create permanent change. Sought after in the four corners of the world, Simone’s mission has always been to help people. Now, with her expertise in high demand, she travels the world to share her knowledge with Health Practitioners and Advanced strength Coaches so that their clients and athletes will have access to true fascia therapy and the ability to find real brain boosting and pain healing solutions in their own locations.

Simone Fortier is an unparalleled expert in pain management and related trauma healing practices. Her approach – a combination of touch, proprietary fascia stretching, and light exercise with intuitive based help in resolving old habits and behaviors has met its mark every time. She is set on creating a lasting effect through the Fascia Training Institute where practitioners can study alongside the her to learn the secrets of healing and resolving pain permanently.

simone fortier