Younger By Tonight – Better Than Botox

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Not only does this course change your skin, but it also changes your fascia, which directly influences the health of your brain. Looking younger as well as preventing aging of the brain is what makes this course so unique and powerful. 

  • A cheat sheet seat sheet is included so you can do as many protocols per day as you need or as many as you have time for. Don’t worry all the protocols work.
  • If you are an esthetician, you can use these protocols or have your clients buy this program, to enhance what you are doing for lasting results.

What you do every day matters the most.

This is an investment in your brain and your skin. A revolutionary program that looks at how your skin affects your brain. 

I look forward to seeing your changes and testimonial from this online course that has produced instant changes for participants. This program is an experience its life changing skins changing program.

As a bonus you get information dump on fascia and lymphatics.

“I could even see life make it back into my eyes. So grateful for this experience.” Jenny 

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Have you ever wondered how some people have vibrant shiny looking skin at any age? Or have no wrinkles without photoshop? You know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. Their skin is always flawless.

They laugh frown and cry and still look amazing. Especially their necks are tight and toned. Who are these people?! Aren’t they exposed to the dryness you are, have a glass of wine now and then or two? Do they not have the same stressors you do?

But you have to think these people must be coughing up thousands of creams, lotions, facials, and even plastic surgery, right?

Well, what if that actually wasn’t the case?

What if, those “picture perfect skin” people discovered a secret?

What if they discovered simple strategies that reverse and even prevent wrinkles?

Schedule for Success in a Few Minutes a Day!

Younger By Tonight  Course Outline

Welcome Video

  1. Module 1
    1. Introduction
    2. Techniques & Hand Positions
    3. Factors that Affect the Skin
  2. Module 2
    1. Stress & the Skin
    2. DNA Myelination
    3. Elements to Younger Looking Skin
    4. De-aging Protocols
    5. Fascia & Aging
    6. Fascia Facial Releases
    7. Questions and Discussion
  3. Module 3
    1. Sharing Successes
    2. Review of 10 Protocols
    3. Microcurrent, Ultrasound, and  Radio Frequency
    4. 5 Protocols for Eyes and Forehead
    5. Questions and Discussion

Close-up videos of each protocol is included.

All materials, protocols, content, and idea is protected and copyrighted.


Be part of a Private Facebook group. Ask your questions, post your results and stories.

Your account details during purchase will be your login credentials upon completion.

All online courses are Non-refundable.



Is the course self-paced?
The course is an online course that you go at your own pace. There are videos and pdfs included in the course.
Is there lifetime access to the course?
Is there a follow-up call to discuss if I have any questions?
There is a private Facebook book group where all questions can be asked. If you have an IT question, we have IT support available to support you with login details and any technical questions.
Do I have to have previous experience with Fascia to take this course?
No, this course is designed for those with minimal to advanced knowledge of the Fascia.
I hear this course was an offshoot of the concussion course. Is that true?
Yes, that is true; the side effect of the Dynamic Brain Healing work is that it makes you look younger.
Do I get a certificate?
This is a self-care program; there is no certificate for this course.; if you would like to attend the live training for 3 Days, you would receive a certificate from that course. Simone has created a course for aestheticians to be launched in 2022. The current courses are located at Fascia Training Institute .
Is it teaching how to do it with hands, or are tools involved?
Working with Fascia is best done with hands; no tools are used in this program.
Are there any contraindications for facial fascia treatments?
Yes, when working with the skin, the Fascia, and the lymphatics. contraindications include

1. Do not work on burnt skin
2. Do not work on skin that is infected
3. Do not work on skin that is inflamed
4. Do not work on skin that has an open wound
5. If you suspect a head injury, vascular issues, or nerve issues, consult your doctor
6. Always consult a medical professional if you have any questions regarding your skin
7. No medical advice is given in the course. Always consult a medical professionalBest regards