Weekly Webinars with Simone




​Learn how you can transform your brain to improve memory, reduce anxiety, look and feel younger by switching on your brain.

Simone partnered with a medical doctor to use his clinically proven quiz to support those who move through trauma, concussion, PTSD, and ADHD.
“I am on the fifth day of supplements ( neurotransmitter), and I have to say I’m starting to see a little break through the fogginess, and my anxiety has gone down drastically. For so many reasons, you have been life-changing for me on a physical and emotional level. Thank you. It doesn’t quite express how thankful I am for you.” – Mallisa
“It’s like a light switch went on in my head.” – Brenda
“I can jump out of bed; I used to drag myself out at 930, now I am up before my alarm.” – Starlein
“I look and feel younger. My brain is faster.” – Cody
It is my passion to help those improve their quality of life.