How to Heal Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis can be living, changing, and altering your quality of life. For example, when your first step out of bed in the morning is painful, or you anticipate that change, it changes your brain, how you look at life, along with the difference in what sports you can do, as well as the removal of running.

What if you could change all of that? There are so many treatments that promise relief, and yes, sometimes they work. But to truly change the fascia, you have to move the fascia every day and take out lines of tension that the fascial restrictions created. Treatments that only look at the symptom, the excruciating pain in the heel of your foot. You may be missing out on the cause. What caused that pain?

This book answers many questions and introduces a revolutionary looking at plantar fasciitis.

As a therapist and fascia expert for over 25 years, I look at the fascia and the body differently. I call what I do, opposite day. If it isn’t working, everything you are doing, we have to change the way we address the pain.

Join me on this journey to a pain-free body at any age by taking a look at the fascia from the inside out.



How to Heal Your Heel


Why does my heel or the bottom of my foot hurt? This type of pain, as you

know, is debilitating. It changes your life, your ability to work out, and your

ability to manage stress. Every step is painful. That pain goes straight to your



Let’s dig in right away to possible causes.


The answer to that question is often footwear that is not optimal for your

feet. One rule of thumb is changing or recycling your shoes every three

months. Take a moment to look at the bottom of your shoes. If uneven wear on

the bottom of the left shoe differs from the right shoe, it’s time for new shoes. I

know your favorite boots or shoes you have had for years. You are so proud of

how well they have worn; it could be causing the pain.


Other possible answers….

Medical Doctor Aislin shared “I wake up every morning and my first steps are not painful. My plantar fasciitis is gone. Thank you.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Does My Foot Hurt?

Chapter 2 General Overview of Plantar Fasciitis

Chapter 3: Fascia & Plantar Fasciitis

Chapter 4: Self-Care Remedies

Chapter 5: What to Avoid

Chapter 6. Prevent and Heal Plantar Fasciitis

Chapter 7: New Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Chapter 8: Medical Treatments Not What you Think!

Chapter 9: Opposite Day A New Way to Stretching

Chapter 10: Fascia Nutrition

Author: Simone Fortier

50-page e-book on Plantar Fasciitis by Simone Fortier. PDF file made available for download upon purchase.