Fascia Training Level 1 Lower Body Calgary, June 25-26, 2022

$660.00 + Applicable Tax

Take your knowledge of Fascia to the Next Level in this Lower Body Treatment and Training Live Workshop.

When you genuinely work with Fascia, it is an experience. The change happens from the inside out. This course teaches finesse versus force. Save your hands and your body as a practitioner and get optimal results.

Date: June 25 and 25, 2022

Location: Carriage House Inn


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Are you ready to create lasting change in your clients or athletes this is the course for you!

Lower Body Fascia Course

You are taking your knowledge of Fascia to the next level.

Working with Fascia can be mechanical, or it can be art. This course is for the practitioner or strength coach who is the artist, who always wants to stay present and think during sessions. You want to excel, be the best and create lasting change in the body.

  1. The mechanic – moves the body in the same direction treatment after treatment.
  2. The artist – looks for lines of tension in the Fascia and creates space in the body by opening or release fascial restrictions.

When you change the Fascia, it is an experience for the person; they can’t explain what happened other than their pain is gone, their performance improves, or simply the person has improved posture, digestion circulation, and beyond.

The Fascia Training Institute has been teaching and training in universities and colleges since 1994; Simone will share her practical experience and how you can incorporate it in your approach to treatment, training, or performance.

In this course, we will look at the language of Fascia. The holistic view of Fascia and what that means when you are assessing and treating. The system of protocols can be applied only after the fascia assessment has been completed. Every treatment is unique, which keeps your brain active and prevents boredom.

What you will learn

  1. Finesse vs. Force the Philosophy of FTI – The latest research on Fascia
  2. Protocols – 5 Fascial techniques and self-care programs
  3. The Tempo of Fascia Release
  4. How Nutrition affects the Fascia
  5. How Fascia affects Training and Performance and timing of treatments

7 Protocols will be shared along with five fascia techniques and movement exercises to treat Fascia directly and indirectly.

This course demonstrates the contribution of Fascia, myofascial restrictions, cranial-sacral system, lymphatic system, and the brain itself to movement and strength. The course focuses on


how to release these structures with hands-on treatment or movement exercises to alleviate a patient’s/ client/athlete’s symptoms.

You will learn how to treat and release common conditions of the lower body, including fascia imbalances, plantar fasciitis, scar tissue release,  hip pain and restrictions, low back pain, sciatica, tight hamstrings, loss of power, numbness and tingling, QL restrictions, and TFL and IT band restrictions.  Most importantly, understand that releasing the lower body fascia affects the upper body fascia.


At the end of the two days, you will easily incorporate the work into your business.


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All materials, protocols, content, and the idea is protected and copyrighted.

All courses are Non-refundable.