Fascia Release and Dynamic Stretching Certification – Tampa – SOLD OUT

$995.00 + Applicable Tax

Discover the Power and ART of Fascia Release and Dynamic Stretching

April 6-7, 2024
Event Hours Daily: 9am to 6pm

  • Fascia Assessment: Unlock the secrets of your body’s fascia!
  • Targeted Movements: Enhance performance, speed, and mobility.
  • Upgrade Your Knowledge: Delve deeper into the world of fascia.
  • See Real Results: Create lasting change and transformation.
  • Discover: the tempo and timing of Fascia Release and self-care movements


Symmetrical stretching? That’s old news! Your body isn’t symmetrical. Discover how to stretch in alignment with your unique fascial lines of tension.

Ideal for Strength Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Pilates, Massage Therapists, ART & FST Practitioners

Dive into the next level of training. Experience the difference!

If we don’t meet the minimum number of participants required to conduct the live course one month before the start date, we will let you know immediately that the course has been rescheduled.

Please refer to make sure it is a successful course.

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Transform Your Fascia and Career with the FTI Fascia Stretch Course – Beyond Stretching

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to flexibility, strength, and overall well-being?

Dive into the groundbreaking FTI Fascia Stretch Course and embark on a journey that transcends traditional stretching techniques.

Who this course is for: manual Therapists, health care professionals, Pilates, yoga movement specialists, strength coaches fitness enthusiasts

Why This Course?

  • Comprehensive Fascia Assessment: Unlock the secrets of your body’s fascia system. Learn to read and interpret its signals for unparalleled insight into health and performance.
  • Innovative Movement Protocols: Discover movements that do more than stretch – they transform. Tailored for optimal performance, speed, and mobility, these protocols elevate your physical capabilities.
  • Expand Your Expertise: Whether diving in for the first time or looking to deepen your knowledge, this course offers invaluable insights into the fascia’s critical role in health and fitness.
  • See Real Results: This isn’t about temporary fixes. Implement these strategies to achieve lasting change, improving both your life and your clients’ lives.
  • Master Fascia Release and Self-Care: Learn the intricacies of fascia release, mastering the tempo and timing essential for effective self-care and client care.

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With limited spots, now is the time to invest in yourself and your career. Upon completion, receive your certification and join the professionals leading the charge in fascia and dynamic stretching.

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 Elevate your skills, unlock new potentials, and achieve authentic, results-driven success.

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