Dynamic Brain Healing Online Course

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Don’t miss out on the latest concussion information. This course focuses on those that don’t recover within four weeks after head injury. Learn how ADHD affects concussion recovery, neurotransmitters and brain nutrition. This course is taught from the fascia perspective and how the fascia directly influences concussion recovery. This is more than Return to Play, designed for the 80 percent that recover within 4 weeks.  Be part of the movement that supports those at risk, who have lost hope and experience lingering lasting symptoms.

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Course Summary

  • 3 NEW Dynamic Brain Healing Modules
  • 7 Online Modules from prior Fascia Principles, Philosophy, and Concussion Theory Course
  • 13 Hours that will deepen your understanding of concussions on the brain and ADHD, and concussion
  • 2 Bonus Modules with Dr. Braverman and Dr. Ozzie
  • 133 plus Page Manual
  • Access to Videos with Membership
  • 200-dollar discount off the live Concussion Treatment Course

This course helps the practitioner/participant gain an in-depth look at the anatomy and physiology of concussion from the fascial and lymphatic perspective

Identifying each part of the brain affected by head injury. This course is directly related to the Dynamic Brain Healing Course Level 1, live course
format, supporting how each protocol directly affects the brain and what part of the brain we are treating.

Each of the seven protocols looks at the fascial system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and the muscular system, as well as the hormones that are affected by
trauma caused by the pituitary gland.

The online course also addresses the nutritional requirements of the brain and how
important neurotransmitters are to heal the brain.

This 10-module intensive consists of the theory of head injury, the specific functions of the brain, how
the head injury affects performance, learning balance, and a nutritional program specifically designed to
support the brain, contraindications for brain injury and treatment, and rehabilitation fascia reeducation
exercises that increase the practitioner’s ability to discuss symptoms with other health
care practitioners.


All courses are non-refundable.

All materials, protocols, content, and idea is protected and copyrighted.