Dynamic Brain Healing Level 2 – Phoenix, 2025

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Dynamic Brain Healing LEVEL 2 – Fascial Release of the Cranium, Neck, Face, and Cervical Spine

A revolutionary approach to treatment head injury. Fascial attachments create restrictions and pressure on the brain itself. Releasing the fascial fibers releases the tension and creates space inside the brain, allowing the brain to heal.

After ten years of teaching this protocol, the results speak for themselves.

Coupled with the Brain Health Assessment and Brain nutrition program, you, as the practitioner, can implement quickly into your practice to support your clients or athletes.

People are getting their brains back and even better, preventing suicide, restoring balance, improving performance, and brain function, improving sleep quality, and supporting those with ADHD.  The program has depth and can be used for concussion recovery, migraines to anti-aging, and keeping the brain young at any age.

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Courses are non-refundable. Credits can be transferred to another course.

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Level 2 Dynamic Brain Healing – Fascia Release of Cranium, Face, Neck, and Cervical Spine

Deeper Dive into the fascia of the cranium. 7 additional- advanced techniques that create lasting changes in the brain, fascia, and lymphatics. Solidify the system of Dynamic Brain healing Level 1 and take a deep dive into neurotransmitters. Learn new protocols and build your business.

This class overdelivers

Not only are you releasing fascia to help resolve concussion symptoms, but this program is antiaging. The protocols make your clients look younger!

Level 2 is designed for: Athletic therapists; Massage therapists; Manual therapists; Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors. Sign up for this 2-Day course that offers practical and straightforward approaches to treating head injuries.

Lee Ann’s Shout Out

This class has been the most profound class that I’ve ever taken.

I was aware of concussions and how they affected people before but wasn’t sure how I could help them confidently.

Taking the first level, I was more aware of how I could help people with the protocol, but I started getting some people in my clinic that needed more; they were the 20%  that didn’t recover the right way and needed the extra help.

Dynamic Brain Level 1 was exceptional, but I knew I needed Dynamic Brain Healing Level 2 s to solidify my skills and knowledge.

Now I learned additional protocols, and I feel much more competent. Now I can handle them, the complexity of them, their concussions, and the debilitating symptoms.

Taking level two has been such a profound class for me to take. I now have the confidence that I can help these clients.


All courses are non-refundable. Credits can be transferred to other courses.

The protocol also supports those with a concussion, head injury, stroke, migraine sufferers, the aging brain, Parkinson’s, and MS patients.

This dynamic brain treatment protocol includes brain health assessment training.  We have completed its fifth year of clinical trials. The results of the Brain Health Assessment protocol are significant. It is essential to understand the biochemistry of the brain to accelerate healing and is the baseline to measure improvement.

How we are different!

What you will learn in the 7 Step Concussion Treatment and Dynamic Brain Healing: FTI Philosophy Less is Better

  1. Learn how to creates space in the Cranium
  2. Learn how to affect the Lymphatic, Fascial and Nervous System
  3. Learn how to take the body and brain out of fight or flight
  4. Learn how to Reduce notice and light sensitivity
  5. Learn corrective exercises to retrain the brain
  6. This protocol is not only for the treatment of concussion but for prevention, keep the brain healthy at any age
  7. Learn brain nutrition for healing and optimizing performance


Foundation of Dynamic Brain Healing

  1. Biochemistry
  2.  Fascia Assessment
  3. Balance Testing and Brain Testing
  4. 14 Protocols for treating symptoms of concussion
  5. Team Development – Strength building

FTI treats those that have suffered years, decades, and lifetimes. Programs for management are unique for each person.


Courses are non-refundable. Credits can be transferred to other courses.