Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1 – Phoenix, AZ

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Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1 – Fascia Release of the Cranium and Cervical Spine

The course features 15 online modules and 3 valuable hands on learning days in person. We recommend all modules are completed before you attend the live in-person 3-day course. After course completion, you will complete a quiz and 2 case studies solidifying your skills,  FTI  is empowering healthcare professionals to deliver better, more targeted care. 21.5 CEC’s; CMMOTA.

Phoenix, AZ | Date: TBA

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Purchase price includes in-person registration and access to our online module course.

If we don’t meet the minimum number of participants required to conduct the live course one month before the start date, we will let you know immediately that the course has been rescheduled.

Please refer to make sure it is a successful course.

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Now Included: Online Course DBH Fasica Principles

The Dynamic Brain Healing Online Course is now included at a discounted price in the Live Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1 course.

We have made it easy for you to complete the prerequisite.

One-click, and you are in.

This course is meticulously designed to understand and know how to treat those grappling with persistent concussion symptoms and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).

This comprehensive course illuminates the intricate recovery process, providing invaluable insights into prolonged symptoms often overlooked in traditional treatments.

The curriculum offers a fusion of empathy and science, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge to significantly impact the lives of individuals enduring the silent struggle of mTBI and persistent concussion symptoms.

Enroll today, embody knowledge, and be the beacon of hope and support for those navigating through recovery.

Fascia Release of the Cranium and Cervical Spine

This course is for the health care professional and strength coaches who demand excellence and want results for their clients and athletes. The protocol was designed specifically to treat the 20 percent who do not recover from a concussion in under 4 weeks.

The protocol also supports those with a concussion, head injury, stroke, migraine sufferers, the aging brain, Parkinson’s, and MS patients.

This dynamic brain treatment protocol includes brain health assessment training.  We have completed its first year of clinical trials. The results of the Brain Health Assessment protocol are significant. It is essential to understand the biochemistry of the brain to accelerate healing and is the baseline to measure improvement.

How we are different!

What you will learn in the 7 Step Concussion Treatment and Dynamic Brain Healing: FTI Philosophy Less is Better

  1. Learn how to creates space in the Cranium
  2. Learn how to affect the Lymphatic, Fascial and Nervous System
  3. Learn how to take the body and brain out of fight or flight
  4. Learn how to Reduce notice and light sensitivity
  5. Learn corrective exercises to retrain the brain
  6. This protocol is not only for the treatment of concussion but for prevention, keep the brain healthy at any age
  7. Learn brain nutrition for healing and optimizing performance

Management of concussion may not be the treatment of concussion –  Management generally looks at assessment, diagnosing, following a time schedule of return to play or work. Some management programs offer a hands-on approach to release the vestibular system which is for balance issues that may or may not be concussion-related.

Foundation of Dynamic Brain Healing

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Assessment
  3. Testing
  4. 7 Protocols
  5. Team Development – Strength building

FTI treats those that have suffered years, decades, and lifetimes. Programs for management are unique for each person.

1. Quiz Requirement for Certification: Completing the designated quiz is a mandatory requirement for the issuance of certification. By registering, you agree to complete this quiz to ensure the candidate is eligible for certification.

2. Case Study Requirement for Certification: Submission and successful evaluation of two (2) case studies is Optional for this course.

3. Advanced Course Standard: This course is classified as an introduction to Fascia Movements and a training program. As such, participants are held to the highest performance, professionalism, and integrity standards throughout the course.