Chicago – 7 Step Concussion Protocol Workshop – June 26-28, 2020


3 Day Concussion Treatment and Dynamic, Brain Healing workshop. June 26, 27, and 28, 2020.



Coming to Chicago on June 26-28, 2020.

Learn techniques to reduce the impact of concussion and improve brain health.

Instructor: Simone Fortier and Guest Presentor Preston Greens of the Florida Gators.

The cost of the Workshop is $995.

About the Course:

The workshop is taking place at Spear Training, north of Chicago. June 26, 27, and 28, 2020.

Friday 10 am: to 5:30 pm, Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm, Sunday 8:30 to 5 pm.

Preston will be sharing his expertise on brain performance training and nutrition Saturday at approx 10 am.


I was asked this question about the 7 Step Concussion Treatment protocol this week.  How is it different from other courses.  This therapist works with professional athletes and needed more details about the course because there are so many courses out there saying they treat concussion and have not delivered.

  1. Management of Concussion may not be the treatment of concussion –  Generally looks at assessment diagnosing and hand-on approach to release the vestibular system, (muscle ice heat, stims, IMS joint mobilization, cardio, and education may or may not heal the brain, this is mostly for soft tissue injury)

Return to play from the 7 Step Concussion perspective

Managing concussion takes a team, getting the right doctors, imaging, treatments, and knowing the hierarchy is crucial to healing the brain. This will be shared in the course.

Step1.  Understanding that 80 percent of Concussion get better within 4 weeks with or without treatment. Treatment for these individuals helps to return tissues and fascia to an optimal state for performance and prevention.

The protocol can be used after games, training as a preventative measure.

Step 1a.  Return to regular activities- the course discusses how to do this optimally and what corrective exercises need to be done based on fascia lines of tension in the body and cranium.

Step 2. Light Aerobics activity – Fascia mobility movements and  step by step instruction on how to increase activity will be share in course for individuals that have symptoms lasting over 2 months

Step 3. Moderate Activity  What that looks like for individuals who have ongoing symptoms and correcting dysfunction in the fascia and lymphatic system

Step 4. Heavy Activity –  Increasing cardio workouts and dryland training.   It cannot occur unless the fascial foundation is restored and symptoms have resolved for a minimum of one week.

Step 5. Return to Practice and full contact – what to do if symptoms return.

Step 6 Competition – What symptoms may present after return to play

Step 7. Prevention – Keeping the brain healthy


Step 2. Return to work protocol – we are dealing with financial, family, work, and insurance pressures and demands.

  1. Treatment
  2. Corrective Exercises
  3. Finding the right professionals for each specific case
  4. Learning the hierarchy to treatment and progression


The 7 Step Concussion Treatment Workshop is 50 percent theory/corrective movements and management and 50 percent practical hands-on releasing fascial, lymphatic, and nervous systems in the brain and cervical spine, eyes, and ears. Along with increasing circulation to the brain.

  1. Teaches a hand on approach with the fascial adhesions in the neck and cranium
  2. Each of the 7 protocols affects a different part of the brain and fascial system
  3. This is a structural technique that creates space in the brain and body.

What you will learn in the 7 Step Concussion Treatment and Dynamic Brain Healing:

  1. Learn how to creates space in the Cranium
  2. Learn how to affect the Lymphatic, Fascial and Nervous System
  3. Learn how to take the body and brain out of fight or flight
  4. Learn how to Reduce notice and light sensitivity
  5. Learn corrective exercises to retrain the brain
  6. This protocol is not only for the treatment of concussion but for prevention, keep the brain healthy at any age
  7. Learn brain nutrition for healing and optimizing performance


The goal and mission of this course is to get additional effective tools into as many practitioners, trainers, and therapists hands as possible.


If you have any questions regarding the course. Please email and we can set up a call.


  • Helps practitioners and coaches gain efficient skills and insight into the practice application of fascia to training, performance, and therapy.
  • The contribution of fascia, myofascial restrictions, cranial-sacral system, lymphatic system, and the brain itself to concussion.
  • Focusing on how to release these structures, and how to serve to alleviate patient symptoms.
  • 3-day intensive consists of practice hands-on activities, increasing the practitioner listening skills, and palpation skills.
  • Lectures on theory, anatomy, contraindications will be given; focusing on how the head injury affects the quality of life and performance.
  • This course is a results-driven program.