Brain Health Assessment – Individualized Plan


Are you ready to learn exactly how healthy your brain is?

Are you ready to invest in a life-changing protocol and get your brain back?

If so, take our Brain Health Assessment and book your consultation with Simone, who will create an individualized program for your brain.

Based on the numbers in the assessment. Simone is currently researching the results of the program. So far, the preliminary numbers state that 90 percent of individuals who follow the protocol improve 90 percent.

It is time to change your brain, your health, and your body.



Are you concerned about your brain health?

Did you know what you can reverse symptoms of premature aging of the brain?

Are you ready to invest in a preventive and corrective brain health program?

Simone offers a unique approach to changing pain and improving your brain.

After completing the FTI Brain Health Assessment, you will receive a 9-page self-care program for those with mild deficiencies. The self is program is enough. You need an individualized program to improve and enhance your brain for those with moderate or major deficiencies. Two options the first is to purchase the self-care brain movement exercises series or work directly with Simone.

First Level -Complete the FTI online FTI Brain Health Assessment and immediately discover the neurotransmitters that show as deficient based on your answers.

Second Level, – Brain Exercises Course

Third Level – Work with Simone. The consultation includes an entire health check and goal setting,

You decide whether you would like to schedule a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation to discuss solutions with you.

Upon completion of checkout, you will see a purchase note directing you to the assessment.