Neuro Nation Mentorship Group

An exclusive customized Brain Training and Business Coaching Group Program with Simone Fortier of the Fascia Training Institute for elite health care practitioners and strength coaches who want to start and/or grow their monthly revenues to $10k+.

Exclusive Group Program – Open to 10 Elite Leaders Only


Registration opens Monday November 2nd and closes on November 18th or when full.

Welcome Session: Thursday, November 19th

Sessions begin Thursday, December 3rd.



Neuro Nation Mentorship Group Program Discovery Call Questionnaire

Do you feel guilty when you take time off?

Would you like more time freedom (to spend alone or with family and friends)?

Do you feel you have work/family/self time balance in your life?

What do you need the most help with right now in order to propel you and your business to the next level?

Are you ready to invest time and money into growing you and your business now?

Do you take courses because of CEU’s or to grow you and your business?

Do you have a business plan written down for the next 12 months?

Do you stay focused on your business even when distractions arise?

Do you love meeting and helping people?

Do you have scheduled office hours and scheduled time for being social?

As a leader, do you consistently motivate and inspire those working with you, rather than complaining to them?

Do you have a written sacrifice plan for your business?

Do you use your work time effectively and only have meetings that will grow your business?

Do you have a clear written plan to achieve what you desire for your business rather than merely wishing or hoping for it?

Are you good at finding solutions for challenges, or do you find you are faced with many hurdles?

Do you listen to advice, process it, and implement it accordingly?

Do you follow up with prospects and clients every time within 24 hours

Do you consistently take the time to respond to clients no matter how busy you are?

Do you spend more than 65% of your time in sales and marketing?

Do you consistently portray energy, courtesy, and a winning attitude in every interaction you have?

6 + 3 =