The Neuro Nation Program Will….

·       Attract your ideal clients with converting lead generation strategies

·       Help you make more money by understanding your money situation and blocks that might be hindering your growth

·       Improve your sales with simple, effective strategies

·       Unlock your business genius by taking your skills to the next level

·       Help you create a plan of action for treatment, coaching, and training

·       Provide freedom from your business by building an infrastructure and systems to sustain growth

Why the Neuro Nation Mentorship Group?

Exclusive customized Brain Training and Business Coaching group program with Simone Fortier of the Fascia Training Institute for elite health care practitioners and strength coaches who want to start and/or grow their monthly revenues to $20k+.

The greatest challenge for many healthcare practitioners and strength coaches is that they lack the systems and mindset to grow a strong client-based business.

Your expertise is to treat and support others. Lack of experience creating healthy boundaries, using business language, producing marketing materials, and acquiring sales skills can cause many health care practitioners and strength coaches to not arrive at the financial place they want to be.

This leads to confusion, burnout, and eventually giving up on their passion and dreams, which can lead to failing in business.

simone fortier


Simone thrives on helping others and was born a solution-orientated and idea person. ‘All things are possible’ is her motto. She has seen many dedicated and talented people pushed beyond exhaustion and clearly understands the self-doubt that all healthcare practitioners and strength coaches experience, including their fear of the unknown.

Working for more than two decades as a teacher, wizard, and leader, ethical practices have led her in the direction of strong mentorship of others. Simone believes in the magic of wellness of the mind, body, and soul, as well as the business.

Are you ready to grow your business? Do you have the desire to overcome any obstacle? Are you ready to create proven systems that lead to success? Are you open to learn and implement the strategies now? Your leadership skills will be enhanced to help you become the leader in your field or your new business. Are you are ready to take the next step to level-up your knowledge in business and healthcare? The Neuro Nation Mentorship program is dynamic, direct, and delivers results!


After only the third class….

The first Thursday of every month, I go to a mastermind group with other health and fitness professionals led by Simone Fortier. Some of the group’s goals are to create a passive income, develop our professional skills, expand our knowledge, and change our mindset.

One of my limiting beliefs was/is “I’m not worried about making money.”

Money was never a big motivating factor for me because I never had to worry about it. I always knew at the end of the day; I would be provided for and taken care of. This mindset has held me back from helping more people and creating high-quality content that could change lives.

Because I was never worried about money, I was never worried about pushing myself or trying to create a legacy. I only did just enough to get by.
I hid behind the fact that I didn’t know enough. Didn’t take enough classes. I didn’t know enough about strength training to make a difference.
That mindset has changed today.

Thank you for the coaching and inspiration Simone, I highly recommend this group to all strength coaches and therapists.

It’s time to step out into the spotlight and manifest something great

– Josh Kumosz


I am so thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained from courses I’ve taken from Simone, for the opportunities to have had her work on my brain, and to be able to call her my mentor. Neuro Nation has changed my business and my brain! There is no doubt that my life has changed for the better.
Working on people who have had concussions, various forms of trauma, PTSD and anxiety is a daily thing for me; the Dynamic Brain Healing protocols have enhanced the possibilities beyond what I previously thought possible!
– Michelle Wilson

Designed for your success providing you with skills to propel YOU and your BUSINESS forward

Meet Once a Month

$20,000 plus is a viable monthly figure to those who are open to developing new skills, stretching your mindset, and strengthening existing influences and beliefs.

Meeting online monthly to set goals, hold each other accountable, education\ with Brain Training, and share ideas and solutions with like-minded healthcare practitioners, strength coaches, and industry leaders in business, sales, and marketing.


Each meeting is led by Simone or a chosen member of the team who will guide you to business and brain training success.

Simone will also invite you into her Brain Health Assessment program to support the brain health of yourself, your family, and your clients.

Receive brain training education, skills, tools, and critical success habits that will build your successful business to give you the confidence you want in supporting others, the time freedom you want, and the money freedom you desire for you and your family.

Develop Success Habits in Five Key Areas:

1. Advanced Fascia, Brain Education and Business Elevation
  • The one critical action that must happen first before healing can begin or become permanent
  • Precise protocols to assess your client and your business
  • Advanced Nutrition Education to resolve symptoms of concussion, weight loss, inflammation, and fascial restrictions
  • Nutrition for the brain to promote healing and optimize performance
  • Approaches to take the body and brain out of fight or flight to immediately reduce stress on the body
  • Effective corrective exercises to retrain the brain
  • Specific brain exercises to keep the brain healthy at any age
  • Reeducation movements and brain exercises for everyday brain

Product Creation will be a primary focus for all participants to generate passive Income

Business Development – Coaching

Brain Retraining – Coaching

This is an action-orientated mentorship program.



2. Business Operations – Create the systems and structures needed for a solid foundation of success
  • Business Planning for a 6-figure income without burn out
  • Business set up for solid foundation of long-term success
  • Discover your Core Values, Vision, Mission and Why and understand why this is important to those you meet
  • Record Keeping and how to avoid potential losses
  • Effective scheduling to avoid burn out and still have time for YOU and your family
  • Follow Up Systems to keep your costs low and your profit high
3. Exposure Strategies – Discover the most effective client recruitment and retention strategies
  • Be the expert and create intrigue with each person you meet
  • Know your ideal customer and exactly where to find them
  • Experience proven recruitment strategies without the high cost of Marketing
  • Follow the simple steps to relationship building and customer retention
4. Sales Success – Master Sales in 5 simple steps
  • Discover the psychology of selling – 5 steps to your success
  • Understand the difference between your customer’s ‘need’ and ‘true need’
  • Personality profiling – discover why people buy, and don’t buy from you
  • Understand the power of questions – discover the critical questions to ask in order to empower your customers to choose you
  • Overcoming Objections – steps to overcome the 6 most common objections
  • The presentation process – setting yourself and others up for success
5. Self and Money – Remove money blocks and attract abundance
  • Discover money personalities and how this affects your business success
  • Understand the critical steps to long term profit in your business
  • The 7 steps to effective money management – create the time and money freedom you desire
  • Creating your sacrifice and success plan – Identify what is truly important to you and the steps to take to get there

Tuition: $349/mo USD

Pay in full, get two months free. (Total $3490)


Introductory Session – Welcome and introductions. Simone usually hits the ground running and the coaching, planning, and goals start today. Be prepared!

First Session – Discover your ‘why’, this is a deep dive into possibilities in your business. Simone will suggest, strategize, and support your path. Take your skills to the next level to make YOU the specialized leader in your area AND increase your bottom line by improving your ability to help people heal. Find out what you don’t know you know.

Second Session – Business operations. Building freedom from your business by creating and implementing an infrastructure with the systems to sustain growth. Switch on your brain for business and selling.

Third Session – Discover the protocols and take your skills to the next level to make YOU the specialized leader in your area AND increase your bottom line by improving your ability to help people change their lives.  Intensive session with Simone

Fourth Session– Marketing and exposure strategies. Attract your ideal clients with converting lead generation strategies. Guest speaker.

Fifth Session – Up close and personal with Strength and Conditioning Coach GURUS.

Sixth Session –Discover the protocols and take your skills to the next level to make YOU the specialized leader in your area AND increase your bottom line by improving your ability to help people heal.

Seventh Session – Sales Success. Discover personality profiling and the psychology of how and why your clients buy. Discover the heart-centered sales process and fill your schedule with ease. Spectrum Training specializing in synchronized selling with confidence to navigate through the entire sales cycle, proven sales strategies, coupled with current insight which will elevate the quality of your sales conversations. Typical outcomes are shorter sales cycles and higher close.

Eighth Session –Coaching session to answer any questions with clients, product creation, and discover the protocols and take your skills to the next level to make YOU the specialized leader in your area AND increase your bottom line by improving your ability to help people heal.

Ninth Session– Guest Speaker: Industry leader in Advanced Strength Coaching/Medical Doctor/Specialist

Tenth Session – Nutrition for the brain, don’t leave money on the table.

Eleventh Session – Discover YOUR relationship with money and earn even more money by understanding your current money situation and blocks that might be hindering your growth.

Twelfth Session –  Review, reflection, and revolution session

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a class during the year?
  • All sessions are recorded for you to return to at any time during your membership. So, if you miss a live class, you can return at your leisure and watch the recording.

I can’t pay the full amount of $3490 right now. Is there a payment plan option?
  • Yes! We provide a convenient recurring payment plan of $349 per month for 12 consecutive months.
I am so busy running my business, I don’t have time to attend. How can I get the information you are offering?
  • With the skills you will learn and implement, you will SAVE time in your business. When you commit to 3 hours a month of live training (or watching the recordings) you will be on your way to both TIME and MONEY freedom in your business.

    If you miss a live class, you can return at your leisure and watch the recording.

What if I need to cancel my membership?
  • We understand that life can change and you may feel the need to cancel your membership. Instead, we offer a transfer of your membership to someone of your choosing. See more details in our terms and conditions.
Is there a money back guarantee?
  • Of course! If you attend and participate in all classes, show that you’ve done all the work, including all worksheets, daily IPA’s, implemented all the systems and infrastructure and you still think you’ve received absolutely no value, we will refund 100% of your investment.