Fascia treatment opens up the body, so you feel weightless.

A floating feeling as you walk, just like a Ninja or Bruce Lee.

Each movement you take should be effortless.
Previous long-accepted principles of movement science focused on muscle dynamics. This model looks at energy going through the muscle, shortens muscle fibers, and then passes through
passive tendons resulting in movement.
Fascia and connective tissues are not passive. The new research shows that collagen can be shortened faster than any muscle; this system only works if the loaded collagen tissues have a high elastic storage capacity.
So you ask if stretching is necessary daily, the answer is yes. Not static stretching, intentional movement/ fascial exercises release fascial fibers to allow for space, where power and speed are created.

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Coach Lou asks Simone:

 Online, you see people talking about the similarities between movement and stretching. What are the similarities? Or what are the differences between those two ideas?


Speed determines where you are engaging the fascia, the joint, or the muscle. The tempo is everything. All are necessary, but if the movement is a compensation pattern, you are only reimprinting the dysfunction by avoiding moving the restricted area.

Fast movement without muscle engagement uses joint flexibility, not fascia.

The movement that engages the fascia is slow and deliberate. It would be best if you always stayed engaged, not contracted.

It is essential to slow down the tempo and anchor the joint.

When you anchor that joint, the fascia starts to open up fibers are released.  You will begin to feel the fibers open up when it is the most restricted.

In my experience, if it is easy for people to fall back into patterns. If it feels good, the brain likes to “rinse and repeat.” Anchor g rhythm takes effort and energy. It makes the difference between creating lasting change or just increased circulation.

The difference is sentential movement engages all systems of the body. Fast, loose, floppy action is really for circulation or getting warmed up.   To create lasting change, you have to be very mindful and also aware of your breath.

I recommend that before you start stretching or moving, you’re hydrated, stay present, and you breathe.

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