Fascia Training Workshop Level 1

Upper Body Fascia Training Course Level 1 – Calgary, September 26th & 27th, 2021

This course helps the practitioner/participant gain efficient skills and insight into the practical application of fascia to training, performance, and therapy.

You will learn a practical and straightforward approach to fascial stretching, training, and therapy. You will learn how to engage the fascia and release the fascia for improved function, mobility, and flexibility. The course will teach how to utilize manual fascial release techniques to balance posture, improve performance, release fascial restrictions, and create a fascia movement/exercise program.

7 Protocols will be presented along with 5 fascia techniques and movement exercises to treat fascia directly and indirectly.

This course demonstrates the contribution of fascia, myofascial restrictions, cranial-sacral system, lymphatic system, and the brain itself to movement and strength. The course focuses on how to release these structures with hands-on treatment or movement exercises to alleviate a patient’s/ client/athlete’s symptoms. The course consists of practical hands-on activities, fascia assessment, increasing the practitioner’s listening skills, and palpation skills.

You will learn how to treat and release common conditions of the upper body, including chronic trapezius engagement, brain fatigue, headaches, migraines, TMJ, choking/airway restrictions/trouble swallowing, anxiety, acid reflux, frozen shoulder, vagus nerve restriction, and digestive issues.

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