Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Dynamic Brain Healing and Fascia Courses different and do the concepts overlap?

The Dynamic Brain Healing workshop focuses on the brain, neurotransmitters, fascial involvement, reflex involvement, lymphatic and cerebral spinal fluid involvement. Brain exercises and movements are demonstrated.

The Fascia Treatment and training courses focuses on the Fascia, utilizes myofascial and fascial techniques 5 techniques per protocol, fascial exercise and ergonomics of the practitioners is also addressed.

What is the difference between Fascia Treatment Training and all other Fascia Stretching programs, particularly FST?

FTI approach to Fascia is to start with anchoring the joint to create space in the body. Fascia doesn’t stretch per se; fibers are either made ( laid down ) or detached, broken apart—the more space in the body, the less pain or restriction.

You can indirectly “stretch” Fascia while stretching a muscle or by stretching on traction. Every time you touch the body, you create change; is it temporary change or lasting change. FTI primary focus is to build a strong fascial foundation to allow muscles to function optimally for performance, speed, and recovery.

FTI philosophy and approach to Fascia is not symmetrical, so stretching the entire body equally on both sides will not take-out lines of tension, meaning you are imprinting the same dysfunction by addressing each fascial line at the same time.

What are the prerequisites for the Dynamic Brain Healing course?

The enrolment prerequisite to Dynamic Brain Healing is the online course, 8.5 hours of a deep dive into the theory of concussion and the brain. If your purchase both the online and live courses at the same time, there is a $245 discount. You must also hold a certification or registration in your professional association or hold an equivalent degree.

Who are the courses open to?
Courses are open to health care professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, FST practitioners or those approved by Simone.
How long do I have to complete the online course?
You have one year from date of purchase to complete the online course.
Are there quizzes included in the online course?

Yes, there are quizzes at the end of each module. The quizzes ensure you have completed each module and are required to obtain CEUs or CECs from your association.

How is the course different from other concussion courses out there?

Most concussion courses focus on return to play for the 80% who recover within 4-weeks. Fascia Training Institute’s courses look at neurotransmitters, fascial and lymphatic contributions to healing concussion, brain retraining, movement re-education, and brain nutrition. These protocols were developed for the 20% of those who do not heal within 4-weeks.

Once you complete the course, do you get a certification of completion?

Yes, there is a certification of completion.

Once I complete the course, am I Certified?

No. For certification, you must complete all courses and complete a live practical exam.

Are there requirements to maintain my certification with FTI?

Yes, there is a yearly mandatory one-day course to maintain certification or assisting at one of the live courses.

If I complete the online 7 Step Concussion Protocol Course and/or the Live Dynamic Brain Healing Level 1 and 2, does this mean I can do stretch therapy on clients?
No, they are separate courses with different outcomes. The Concussion Treatment Protocol and Dynamic Brain Healing Course is about concussion, the brain, and how to heal the brain after an injury. The Live Fascia Courses are specifically about the treatment of the fascia and fascia stretching. The fascia stretching courses look at 5 different approaches on how to treat or stretch the fascia. Once you complete these live Fascia Courses, you will then have the skills to apply stretch therapy/treatment protocols to your clients. What this treatment does is create space in the body for movement, power and performance. Fascia does not stretch in the traditional sense like muscles.
I am curious about your courses, and what type of learning style it is?
Our courses are offered both live and online. The Fascia Courses are live and in-person with a critical hands-on application, and the concussion course has an online theory component followed by an in-person requirement.
How long are the courses, and is there a renewal fee?

Each course is 2 or 3 days. Please visit our Practitioners page to learn about upcoming courses.

I’ve heard you offer coaching too. What’s that all about?

Private Individual Coaching session are available FTI Neuro Nation is by invitation only, I provide business, concussion and fascia coaching to elite health care practitioners and strength coaches. Space is very limited and I offer invitations only once per year to join in the Neuro Nation Mastermind Group. Simone does offer private coaching as well for the Brain Health Assessment program and business development for coaches, trainers and health care practitioners.