About the Fascia Training Institute

Unraveling Pain, One Fiber at a Time: Where Expertise Meets Transformation

In an ever-evolving world of health and wellness, The Fascia Training Institute stands as a beacon of advanced knowledge and practice. FTI elevates Health Care Professionals, Athletic Therapists, and Strength Coaches, empowering them with leading-edge concussion and fascia therapies. Our training transcends traditional techniques, delving deep into the intricacies of fascia treatment, concussion, and mTBI.

But it’s not just about techniques and treatments. Our ethos builds holistic growth, understanding that personal transformation is as crucial as professional evolution. Therapists training with FTI undergo a metamorphosis, reshaping their therapeutic approach and rediscover themselves in the process.

Join us at The Fascia Training Institute and embark on a journey of professional excellence and personal transformation. 

  • Life-Changing Techniques: Dive into groundbreaking methodologies that pave the way for improved concussion recovery, chronic pain, and improved performance, offering renewed hope and enhanced outcomes.
  • Instant Results: Our training focuses on the application as much as theory, ensuring you can witness tangible results immediately. Elevate your skills, and watch as your clients experience the difference.
  • Revolutionary Tools: We don’t stop at imparting skills; we equip you with tools to revolutionize your practice, ensuring that your business thrives, grows, and resonates with excellence.

Meet the Founder

Simone Fortier

Founder of the Fascia Training Institute, internationally recognized pain management expert, Simone Fortier, is breaking barriers and soaring across boundaries in her multi-dimensional approach to healing pain.


To create, teach, and share techniques that provide lasting and immediate results by elevating and growing healing skills and protocols for healthcare practitioners and strength coaches. We accomplish this through innovative and hands-on courses, workshops, and dynamic events.


A global leader and pioneer in Fascia and Dynamic Brain Healing treatment training for every front-line health care worker and strength coach and be part of the curriculum in every athletic, fitness, massage, or healthcare practitioner school or association.

simone fortier

Simone Fortier

Takes Fascia Stretching and Treatment to a Whole New Level

From professional athletes to medical doctors, clients trust Simone Fortier’s deep intuitive understanding of the root cause of pain, and her vast knowledge of human anatomy and the lymphatic, cranial, and trigger point systems.

A highly regarded lecturer, teacher, and innovative fascia therapist, Simone is also the author of: How to Beat Brain Burps (an exercise-based way for children to ignite all facets of their brain for streamlined learning), and Gaining Control Over Pain which contains eleven secret healing therapies that patients can practice in their own time.

Simone sees the bigger picture. Knowing that treating the symptom of a problem will lead to continuous treatments without resolution, she teaches how to get to the root cause of a problem and create permanent change. Sought after in the four corners of the world, Simone’s mission has always been to help people. Now, with her expertise in high demand, she travels the world to share her knowledge with health practitioners and advanced strength coaches so that their clients have access to true fascia therapy and the ability to find real brain boosting and pain healing solutions in their practices.

Simone Fortier is an unparalleled expert in pain management and related trauma healing practices. Her approach – a combination of touch, proprietary fascia stretching, and light exercise with intuitive based help in resolving old habits and behaviors has met its mark every time. She is set on creating a lasting effect through the Fascia Training Institute where practitioners can study alongside the her to learn the secrets of healing and resolving pain permanently.

Featured on….


• Founder and Developer of SFT Technique and Fascia Training Institute
• Certified Master Trainer NLP Therapist
• Master Certified Hypnotherapist
• Level 1 National Coaching Certification Program
• Justice Institute of British Columbia – Foundation of Collaborative Conflict Resolution
• Myofascial Structural Integration Specialist
• Myofascial Release – Advanced and MFR 111
• Paul St John Neuromuscular Therapy
• Neurosomatic Therapy
• Posturology
• Chikly Lymphatic Therapy – Advanced and Brain Therapy
• Dr. Vodder’s Lymphatic Therapy

• Somato-Emotional Release Level 2
• Upledger Visceral and Neural Manipulation Therapy
• KMI Level 1
• Educational Kinesiology
• Brain Gym
• Heart Centered Therapy
• GeoTran – Circles of Life – Level 1 and 2
• Founder of Behaviour Sweep NLP Technique – Change How Your Brain Works
• Producer and Host of Health Talk on Calgary Cable
• Author of several articles published in health and wellness magazines
• Volunteered Mayo Clinic – Sleep disorder clinic
• Participated in Cancer Research Project ASU
• Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Athletes Simone Has Worked With


Jeff Garcia
Donovan McNabb
Philippe Sparks
Mitchel Trubisky
Combine Athletes in Arizona


Tommy Bennett
David Boston
Corey Chavous
Anthony Clement
Mac Cody
Mark Maddox
Corey Sears
Andre Wadsworth
Aeneas Williams
JJ McCleskey
Lester Holmes


Shawn Springs
Lamar King


Harald Hasselbach


Andruw Jones
Javy Veras
Quilvio Veras
Dave Martinez
Brian Jordon
Chris Seelbach
Tom Glavine
Rafael Furcal


Claude Lemieux
Todd Simpson
Brad May


Billy Mayfair
Jack Nicklaus
Scott McCarron


Kristen Bujnowski
Tiare Lynn Ikei
Victoria Anthony


Preston Greene

Strength Coach, Florida Gators

As a Strength Coach for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand how Simone’s knowledge, expertise, and skills have directly improved my athletes’ performance. I am amazed at how well she can provide treatment to fascia, nerve, and lymphatic symptoms through new and integrative techniques. In addition to this, her concussion prevention and management techniques have directly impacted my players and helped with return to court time. If you wish to experience true healing and results I highly recommend visiting Simone and seeing first-hand what she can do for you.

Michelle Wilson MOT, RMT

After attending the 7 Step Concussion Protocol course, my expectations of patient outcomes has increased!

As a manual osteopathic therapist I use fascial, lymphatic, visceral and cranial techniques daily. Simone’s techniques and the research behind them have elevated my practice and provided benefits to patients beyond expectation! Patients have experienced mental, emotional, physical and postural changes.

Justin King, Strength Coach

Life-changing is an absolute understatement. As a strength coach it’s very easy to get caught up in the superficial game and force things into working; work harder, apply the most aggressive methods, suffer to achieve greatness.

Simone Fortier not only showed us that it is wiser to use finesse as opposed to force, but she opened all three of our eyes to a world of possibilities. I learned how to relieve pain, improve fascia health, create necessary space in the body, and change our client’s lives. I’m excited to help my athletes and for the future for all of us. Big things coming.

Lanell Beckles, Coach

Simone opened up my eyes to what happens when you change fascia. We experienced it our bodies…better mobility, more vascularity (imagine seeing your muscles without actually working out), and less pain from previous injuries.

For the FIRST time in my life, I started to work with the muscles, fascia, and bones around the face and skull.
It may sound a bit weird (or obvious)…but the muscles and fascia and bones around the face can be manipulated just like the rest of the body.

I’m super excited to share this everyone. By the end of class, my thought was clearer…my brain was calmer…my vision was sharper…my breathing was easier…and I felt different.

Nick Kropp, Strength Coach

Coming into the in-person training, I was prepared to learn about fascia, something new and exciting for me. Simone was HIGHLY recommended by Preston Greene for brain health and fascia so of course, we needed to go see her.

I have both experienced and witnessed LIFE-CHANGING events. This training will change the course of my career and my life. I believe that every moment of the last few years has to lead me to this weekend.


As a Solution Based Master Business/ Fascia Coach, Simone works with individuals who desire improved health, increased wealth, sharper focus and overall happiness. Her approach creates increased awareness/connection to self, which can directly affect future endeavors, outcomes, and successes for the individual. Simone uses a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), dialogue, imagery, and hypnotherapy to empower individuals to find and utilize the skills they have to live the full life they desire. Techniques such as goal setting, strategizing, learn how to stay focused; encouragement, celebration, and personal development are implemented.

CEU Certifications