About the Fascia Training Institute

Specialized Training for Health Professionals and Advanced Strength Coaches in Fascia for Dynamic Brain Healing and Performance

About FTI


To be the global leader and pioneer in Fascia and Dynamic Brain Healing treatment training for every front-line health care worker and strength coach and be part of the curriculum in every athletic, fitness, massage, or healthcare practitioner school or association. The Brain Healing protocol be the treatment offered after every sports game, match, or practice field to prevent and restore brain health. To dramatically impact the success rate of health professionals and strength coaches through clinically proven treatment protocols which will support practical healing skills, creating longevity and sustainability in their practice, and enhance the minds and bodies of health practitioners, strength coaches, their clients, their athletes, their families, and the community.


To continually create, teach, and share techniques that provide lasting and immediate results. To elevate and support the growth of all healthcare practitioners and strength coaches with easy to follow healing skills, protocols, and systems through innovative, hands-on, practical courses, workshops, and dynamic events. Advanced Dynamic Brain Healing education with an emphasis on the fascia, the mind and the body as a whole will result in a new generation of purposed health practitioners and strength coaches, enhanced athletes, and healthier clients and communities.


Too many people fall through the cracks and are dismissed by their medical professionals or family members, negatively impacting their work, finances, relationships, spiritual life, and well being.

Brain repair and healing can happen at any stage of brain recovery, with the right tools and hierarchy to treatment.

We are inspired by God to facilitate change in others so they can leave a positive imprint for generations to come. We feel compelled to raise awareness of treatment options and support the healing of brain injury.

The pain and confusion from a brain injury is debilitating, and traditional treatment protocols are not successful for 20% of sufferers. No one needs to suffer.

Through our mission, we intend to change that statistic and have 100% of people recover from their injury and live the life of their choosing, happier, and healthier.